Our First Event of the Season

Updated: May 15, 2021

Really, it was our first event in over a year...

Last Friday evening, we hosted our first free sunset paddle at Blue Springs and we all had the best time!

With a few people learning how to paddleboard for the very first time we took it slow and steady - pausing to take in the amazing underwater vegetation, turtles, and fish!

Everyone did great learning to paddleboard & the spring run is a different kind of beautiful every single time.

We continued paddling up river to Rum Island, stopping at one of our favorite spots, to take in the dreamiest sunset on the Santa Fe River. It was SO nice to be out on the water again at some of our favorite locations.

Aside from the incredible water, wildlife, and sunset views...The people who joined us are what really made the evening special.

We reunited with old friends & everyone made a new friend (or two) along the way.

Amazing conversations were had. And, we were all just so happy to be there together! It was truly a perfect evening with awesome people.

That's what we're all about - Appreciating nature, connecting community, and having good times!

We can't wait for our upcoming Silver Springs Retreat to spend even more good times together!! If you've been craving an epic camping trip with like minded people, checking out amazing springs in the Ocala National Forest, and enjoy having it all planned & prepared for you - You should definitely join us! We've got it all set up for you - Exclusive campsites, Organic Chef prepared meals, Paddleboard Yoga, campfire songs, and all the good times we are sure to have together! You can find all the details about our retreat here. Use code EARLYBIRD by 5/20/21 to save $50 on your ticket - only a few early bird tickets are left!

After our sunset paddle last week, there was a collective "We've got to do this again!" feeling. So we shall! We've got a couple more community oriented events on the books with more to come. Including a SUP Yoga class at Blue Springs & another free sunset paddle at Blue Springs! We'd love for you to join us! Enjoy more fun photos from our latest Sunset Paddle Below :)

Thanks so much for reading,

Team Cypress SUP

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